Cool Winter Nail Art Trends For Cool Looking Nails

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When the whole world is cold and freezing, winter nail art designs can surely make your heart go warm. Winter is coming and it’s time for you get ready to look as gorgeous as ever. While I have to admit that sweaters and parkas do make you look a bit de-glam. But, don’t lose heart! You can make beautiful winter themed nail arts that will dazzle all the others in town. Let your imagination roam great distances. Paint whatever you like, a snowman, Christmas tree, Santa clause, snow bunny, reindeer and what not! Winter nail art designs on your nails can charm any cute boy and handsome man in the thanksgiving dinner.

Snowflake winter nail art:First, apply deep green nail paint on the tips of your nail and then paint the rest glittering golden. Stick on some white snowflake stickers.

Snow covered tree winter nail art: Apply crimson nail paint on your nails. Then paint the tips white but do it diagonally. Then make white trees with the help of a dotting tool.

Snow cherry winter nail art: Paint half of your nails the color of chocolate and the rest white. Make waves with white nail paint. Then make green leaves and stick on tiny red stones on to it.

Snowman winter nail art: Paint half of your nails white and ice blue. Make snowman and trees with white and black nail color.

Under the starry sky winter nail art: Paint your nails navy blue and the tips white. Make white snowman and white stars on to them.

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