Bed bugs scurry during the dark hours when people and pets are sleeping. They feed on blood and therefore their complete removal from the house is more than just required. Their bites can be treated within time but they tend to infest other nearby areas of the body very fast. Bed bugs are flat-bodied critters that are as small as a grain of rice and can multiply quite fast. Their adequate survival temperature varies around 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam treatment is one such procedure that can help killing bed bugs and their eggs as well. Chemical sprays are yet another form of treatment that can help you to get rid of bed bugs easily.

There are several chemical pesticides available in the market commercially which can be bought from the drug store or online. These sprays have a composition intermixed with each other in the right proportion. However when you want to be a little creative and prepare your own chemical then you better have some knowledge about its composition and properties. The making of bed bug spray can be a DIY project only when you have adequate idea on the properties of different chemicals used in it.

Diatomaceous Earth for bed Bugs

Diatomaceous Earth can be a very good agent that is used widely to kill bed bugs. It can be sprayed directly on the affected areas of the house. These are pesticides typically made from the shells of fossilized plants. The mineral content in this pesticide consists of silicon, iron, copper, magnesium, boron, titanium, manganese, calcium and sodium. Being rich in minerals, the composition can be used directly on bed bugs. The nature of these chemicals is extremely harsh and abrasive in nature and therefore it is quite fatal for the tiny bed bugs. DE can be used with steam treatment for killing bed bugs as their combined effect can help you in a long way in getting rid of them.

Using DE for killing bed bugs should also be done with several precautionary measures. There are two forms of DE available in the market, one is the regular food grade product and the other is the amorphous product. The latter contains abrasive substances that is raw in nature and can be harmful for plants, pets and human beings.

Other than DE, there are four different types of pesticides commonly used for bed bug treatment:

  1. Contact Insecticide: Chlorfenapyr and pyrethroids are such kinds of contact pesticides that can make the bed bugs conscious and eventually kill them. It is called contact pesticide because it is applied directly on the required or suspected area.
  1. Dust Insecticide: Dust insecticide can abrasively corrode the body of the bed bugs. They contain ground glass dust and can slowly dry the critter then kill them.
  1. Bed Bug Growth Regulator: The life cycle of bed bugs can be inhibited or stopped with the use of growth regulator. This pesticide works slowly but their effect is long term as it leads to the extinction of bed bugs from the house.
  1. Poisonous Gas: As the name suggests, different chemical gases together form a poisonous gas that can kill the bed bugs and even other pests in the house. This approach should however, only be performed by licensed professionals.

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Your bathroom is usually the smallest and majorly used room in your home. It’s very important to keep it tidy and use clever storage. There are many solutions to storage problem; important is which idea you use where and how. You need to be very organized to take things under control, once you are able to handle organized bathroom they will equally look stylish as well. No matter what size bathroom you have, these few ideas will help you to be organized and add space.

Wall mounted Cabinet

It is very important to make use of every inch of space in small bathroom. When you have different compartment, you can store variety of items used in the bathroom which looks stylish as well as organized.

Utilization of over head space

The space above the toilet tank can as well be utilized very creatively, you just need to leave enough space so that if any repairs are needed can be done easily. There are different ways to make these cabinets. You can either have a wall mounted cabinet or the one with legs. 

Coat Hooks behind the door 

The bathroom door can as well be creatively used for hanging your clothes. To hang your wet towel hooks are very good idea. Don’t place many hooks but 3-4 hooks can be used efficiently.

Under the sink storage 

You can have under the sink mounted storage which takes no space and just utilizes the one of no use. You can keep large sized towels or toiletries here. It’s looks creative as well. 

Hidden storage

Don’t forget that the mirror above the bathroom sink and your cabinets have extra storage inside as well. Utilize them to keep things like hair dryers or anything that needs some safety and is used regularly.

Easy to reach 

You could build a 4 inch storage place, which is deep enough to keep things like soaps and shampoos. This should be at comfortable reach.

In the Basket 

You could use baskets for storage, keeping your bathroom tidy. You could keep clothes, regularly used things etc.

Go Vertical

Avoid the clutter in cabinets with upper vanity. A vertical shelf extends your storage upward and makes lot of space for bathroom necessities. Instead of extending horizontically which tends to take lot of space, vertical cabinets saves lot of space, and is used efficiently.

Ladder shelf

You can use your old ladder very creatively to store things in your bathroom. Just paint it as per your requirement. You may use it as towel rack or you may as well place baskets over it to keep things neatly without creating chaos around.

Hang up jars for little things

You just need blank bit of wall to do this, and you can put in small things like cotton buds, make up brushes, tooth brushes etc.  You can use your old jars as well.  It looks very innovative and  organized as well.

Pull out drawers

Drawers save lot of your space, the storage is in depth and mostly vertical. You can make as many partitions as needed and use as per requirement.

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